Trouser Snake

Trouser Snake
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Artist Summary:
Sam Edison (AKA Trouser Snake) also known as Sam Michael is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, drummer from Melbourne Australia.

Former Band:
The New Vague – 2006 – 2010
In 2007 independent release of debut film clip, ‘Luv Her to Death’, which was screened on Rage abc that same year,

Luv Her To Death


Artist Biography:

S. Edison (AKA Trouser Snake) is predominantly associated with rock songs possessing hooks galore.

Attended University in South Australia where he gained further insight into urban landscapes, which is reflected in his lyrics. Writing about domestic violence, and modern takes on life in early 2000’s, where employment and consumerism are often topics.

Singed with Keep It Real Entertainment 2017. Sam is currently working on a new EP collaborating with Tom Burgess SA musician, which is to be released early 2017. Stay Tuned!

Album Or Artist Songs

  • 1 Breathing In