Event Management

Keep It Real Entertainment offers event management as one of their services for your entertaining events. Whether you are throwing a small birthday party, planning a large corporate event, or planning a wedding, it can be a hassle to find musical entertainment. Hiring an event manager with Keep It Real Entertainment will help you to relieve the stress of finding musicians or bands for hire by tasking that job to the event manager. They will be responsible for hiring the appropriate musicians for your event, and dealing with the contracts, so you don’t have to.

It can be a hassle to hire a band for your function on your own, without an agency for many reasons. For instance, the band you hired ran into an emergency and has to cancel, and now it is your job to find a new band last minute. It is likely that you will not be able to find any of good quality, and this will affect your event tremendously. When hiring an event manager through an agency, they are able to have a back up band that meets their standards for your event in no time. There are many other circumstances like this that suggest hiring a band through an agency proves to be better.

Often times, when you hire a band on your own, there is no written contract or paperwork that you have organized for them. This could cause a lot of confusion for the band because they might show up at the wrong time, or even double book themselves. In order to prevent your event from being ruined, hiring through an agency like Keep It Real Entertainment minimizes this risk from happening through an organized contract and informative paper trail for the bands they hire.

Having a contract for the band will also reduce the chance that they change their price on you. If you hire on your own terms, the band could easily change their prices on you in an instant, and you will be required to pay the price or to find a new band, and risk your event being ruined. With hiring an event manager, they will ensure that the price is confirmed and set in stone unless terms change on your end, not the bands.  The band will also make sure to cooperate as to not get dropped from the agency with bad feedback. Generally, hiring with an event manager also costs less than trying to settle a price on your own because these event managers are experts at price negotiation.

Hiring an event manager to settle the live entertainment aspects of your event will make everything go more smoothly.  You will not have to worry about any emergency circumstances about the band, because there will always be a back up. You will not have to worry about the band trying to double cross you and get more of your money because the price will be put into the contract. Keep It Real Entertainment prides themselves on the quality service they provide and the musicians they hire meet strict criteria to satisfy the agency’s standards.